London is a fantastically successful and exciting city. But it could so easily be even better. The mayor’s transport policies have been stuck in a time warp and simply lead to congestion and chaos. Our wonderful capital needs an environment designed around walking, cycling and public transport. It’s time to focus on people, not cars. For our health and wealth, London’s transport needs a radical rethink and I am the person to make it happen.

Welcome to my mayoral website where you will find all the information about my campaign to become the Labour mayor of London in 2016, including my blog, speeches, press releases and press coverage.

Since September 2012, I have been building a campaign to support the bid and speaking at a wide variety of meetings. I am trying to reach every Constituency Labour Party in London and am also happy to speak at ward meetings as well as events organised by NGOs and other groups.

I have been writing about transport for 20 years and I have strong views on what needs to be done. This involves radical changes, especially in the field of transport. London needs a vision to turn it into a city fit for the 21st century, rather than harking back to the past. The way the transport system was used during the Olympics points the way forward. Central London attracts millions of tourists every year and yet much of it remains designed around the needs of the few car drivers that enter the centre. Cyclists are still not given priority even though at times they now form a majority of the traffic. Outer London where alternatives to driving are more difficult to find, could also greatly benefit from a focus on other means of transport such as express buses and orbital cycle routes.

It is, of course, not just about transport. As I have toured round London speaking at meetings, several key issues have emerged. Housing is the most obvious. The capital faces a housing crisis and a new Labour mayor will have to act quickly in order to stop this becoming a catastrophe which risks damaging both the economy of London but also its very feel. London must not become a city only for the rich and those whose housing is supported by benefits. We need the energy and flair which bright young people bring to the capital and yet without affordable accommodation they will not be able to live here.

Policing is another key issue and in November 2013 I set out ideas for the reform of the Metropolitan Speech in a speech which is reproduced on this site. Over the next few months, the campaign will be issuing further strategy statements and there will be a conference on June 14 to discuss ‘Ideas for London’. Do sign up to it by emailing me via this website.

Join me in imagining a London where people come first. Have a look at the rest of the site, contribute comments if you want and sign up to the campaign by filling in the newsletter form on any page and you will receive blogs and other publications directly in your inbox. Read more >>

Christian is using his bike and public transport on his campaign:

Miles Christian has cycled for his campaign = 504