Christian Wolmar wants to make London a more affordable, liveable and sustainable city. He is campaigning to be the Labour candidate for the 2016 Mayoral election. 

We love London; it's an incredible place – dynamic, diverse and full of opportunity. However, London is at risk of becoming a city for the few rather than the many – a city that only the privileged can enjoy, a city where too many people live in cramped and miserable accommodation, a city blighted by poor air and a lack of quality public space. We think London is in danger of losing a lot of what makes it so special.

London politics also aren't working for Londoners. Instead of partisan and personality politics London needs a dedicated, ideas driven Mayor who works for Londoners and their needs.

This is why I'm running to be the next Mayor of London. I want to make London a city that everyone can live in, afford and enjoy.

The election is in 2016, and for a long time I was the only declared candidate. I announced my intention to run early because I believe the challenges that London faces require long-term thinking. The debate about how to address our housing crisis, improve our transport network and revitalise our public spaces must start now.

I cycle to all the meetings and speaking engagements for the campaign - with the occasional help of the odd bus or train - and so far have clocked up 2023 miles on my bicycle.